A Year in British Cut Flowers

I had great fun last week with Clare West, a photographer who I met last year when she came on one of my growing courses. She had a rather good idea – to visit the farm once a month through the year and photograph all the seasonal jobs….


Green & Gorgeous - March -13


Take some stunning plant portraits….


Green & Gorgeous - March -73 (1)


And teach me a thing or two on how to use my camera.


Green & Gorgeous - March -40


‘A Year in Flowers’ had it’s first installment on her blog this week.


Green & Gorgeous - March -63 (1)     Green & Gorgeous - March -68 (1)

We are also planning to do some styled shoots this year, a very exciting prospect. I am planning the first one in the orchard, when it is in full blossom I hope. In the meantime it’s all about pruning hundreds of roses, pricking out thousands of seedlings and picking the odd Anemone.


Green & Gorgeous - March -52 (1)

Green & Gorgeous - March -35

Like this beautiful white Anemone with a green eye called an ‘Albino’. I pick early in the morning, next they are whisked off to the flower studio for trimming and bunching.

Green & Gorgeous - March -60 (1)

Green & Gorgeous - March -56

Next it’s into the greenhouse for some pricking out of Icelandic Poppies, talking to customers on the phone and stroking my dogs as much as possible, who always enjoy the heat mat meant for seedlings!

Green & Gorgeous - March -79 (1)

Green & Gorgeous - March -3

Green & Gorgeous - March -49

Finally we have to get back to the Rose pruning, as we have over 500 to get through at this time of year. This rounds off the day and I have some rather glorious red Anemones to take back into the house.



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