Farm Gate Sales

Farm Gate

We are now closed on Saturdays til March 2022.

Thanks to all our regulars who came down this Summer!

Visit the Green and Gorgeous gardens any Saturday (9-4pm)  between March and October and you can buy directly from the Farm Gate and not just for flowers; you can also buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, seeds, plants and beautiful local hand-thrown pottery.

Wander row upon row of fragrant, vibrant country-garden flowers, and see how our commitment to sustainable growing has resulted in flower fields buzzing with insect and bird life.

Classic, nostalgic and unusual varieties are all given space to thrive, resulting in an exciting and eclectic array of flowers that are still in touch with their wild side.

The farm is an ever changing landscape, with a new crop of flowers available almost every week, meaning that no two visits are the same.


PYO Dahlias

Sanguisorba, Hypericum

Grasses, Zinnias


Seasonal foliage

Salad bags, Beetroot, squash

Shallots, kale

Free range eggs

Seeds from our Cultivated Palette, saved from 2021

Vases by Garden Trading for flower arranging

Gift cards by Eva Nemeth