Our extensive cutting gardens offer an invaluable resource to help you learn how to grow cut flowers, either for your own garden or on a larger scale. Practical sessions combined with Rachel and Ashley’s insight will give you the skills you need to plant your own plot for a continual supply of home-grown arrangements. For a cutting patch in your back garden, see Grow Your Own Cut Flowers.

If you dream of making a living from what you love, then then our flower farming courses will give you the start you need to make your dream a reality. They cover everything from how and what to grow to where to find a market for your cut flowers and you can choose from a day course or a 3 day seasonal session. Rachel and Ashley will teach you how to create a thriving floricultural business.

You’ll go home with armfuls of flowers and a head full of know-how to make your garden grow. Our courses can be bought as gifts and we can send a card out to you or the lucky recipient.

Rachel arranging flowers in studio
Gorgeous food cooked from fresh veg at Green & Gorgeous
Spring bulb masterclass
Sweet williams grown in Oxfordshire
Courses for florists

Course Calendar 2020

Sunday 5th July – Floral Favourites – The Rose

Wednesday 2nd September – Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

Sunday 20th September – Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

Wednesday 9th September – Floral Favourites – The Dahlia

Wednesday 16th September – Floral Favourites – The Dahlia

Sunday 13th September – Flower Farming Through the Seasons (Day 3) – FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 7th October – Flower Farming for Beginners

Sunday 11th October – Flower Farming for Beginners