Our floral design courses are held in our vase-bedecked flower studio. You will have the freedom to create your own palette from the flowers growing in the cutting beds, and will be let loose to select and harvest what you need from a wide range of refreshingly different varieties.

Rachel will demonstrate her natural, grown in approach to floristry and share tips on what to cut and forage from gardens and hedgerows to create your own wildly wonderful floral designs.

Our courses can be bought as gifts and we can send a card out to you or the lucky recipient.


Course Calendar 2018

Sunday 15th April – Flower Club FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 18th April – Flower Club

Sunday 22nd April – It’s All In The Vase

Tues/Weds 24-25th April – Wedding Intensive with the Garden Gate Flower Company

Wednesday 2nd May – Flower Club

Sunday 6th May – Flower Club

Sunday 13th May – DIY Wedding Flowers

Sunday 1oth June- Flower Club

Wednesday 13th June – Flower Club

Wednesday 11th July- Flower Club

Sunday 15th July – Flower Club