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In the Best 50 Florists!

We all had a spring in our step this week after being listed in The Independent's 'Best 50 Florists'. We could not resist a link to the article on the homepage. It feels like quite an achievement after only three years in business and a validation that there is a growing movement towards using British grown, seasonal flowers.

I seem to be busier than ever, juggling course, wedding and mail order enquiries alongside all the jobs in the cutting garden.

 So I have just pricked out the first batch of stock seed, as you can see you have to look pretty closely to see the difference between the ones you want and those destined for the compost heap. As soon as they were in their plug trays I sowed another batch, successional sowing is key to keeping up a steady supply of gorgeousness!


I had an extra large order of dahlia tubers arrive from Holland last week and immediately set about potting some of them up for propagation. I have put them on a heat mat in our new prop room (a converted stable) which will probably be dedicated solely to raising dahlia plants to sell and grow on to replace all the ones I optimistically left in the ground last autumn. I have ordered a high proportion of the Karma dahlia range this year, these were bred by the Dutch specifically for cut flower use. They are water lily shaped, with lovely long stems and an excellent vase life. Anyway, hopefully my potted tubers will be shooting in about a month and I can take about three basal cuttings from each, any more can exhaust the tuber as well as me the propagator!

GreenandgorgeousSG (43) 

I picked my first bunch of anemones from the polytunnel yesterday, what a joy. They will be coming thick and fast soon, hopefully in time for Mothers Day.