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DIY Brides – Have fun!

Most brides we see at Green and Gorgeous want to create a natural feel to their wedding. They don't want to fall into line and ride the wedding conveyor belt, they want to 'keep it real'. Creating your own wedding flowers can be a great way of expressing yourself and ensuring your wedding day is unique to you. Many arrangements can be done the day before and is an opportunity for friends and family to come together and feel involved.
At Green and Gorgeous  we offer a combination service, alongside our supply only and full floristry service. This is for those who would like to do some of the arranging themselves but not all. We could arrange just the bouquets and buttonholes or larger elements such as garlands and pedestals too. We also hire vintage china and host flower arranging courses and hen parties, so brides can pick up a few good tips before the big day.
Creating your own wedding flowers should be fun and as long as you follow a few guidelines there is no reason for it not to be a really positive experience. Our garden flowers don't need to be fussed or over arranged, they lend themselves well to being popped into a jug or jam jar.
My Top Tips are:
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have available.
  • Make sure your helpers can commit and know what is expected of them.
  • Be mindful of the height of your containers for the tables, make sure the flowers won't mask your guests view.
  • Be prepared and have a plan. Know what you want doing. Have a work space prepared. Have a cool storage place for the arranged flowers to go over night (not the marquee!)  and allow time to tidy up.
  • Ask advice on conditioning and how the flowers will perform.
  • Have fun and most importantly enjoy the process!



Thank you so much for all of our wedding flowers. We so enjoyed arranging the table centres (I put all my arranging skills from the hen do into practise – all your hard work paid off, thank you Jo!) And the bouquets and button holes were just wonderful. The soft natural look worked beautifully with the feel of our day. We can’t thank you enough. -  Anna & Bradley

Jo Wise



Fun with Flowers


I've really enjoyed teaching the floristry workshops this spring. It's amazing how different all the arrangements turn out, even when we're all working with the same ingredients. Everybody has their own style and something to add. There is usually a broad spectrum of experience within the group, but that really doesn't seem to matter. Every one is there to have fun with flowers, pick up some handy tips and hopefully feel inspired to create some arrangements with their own garden ingredients.
The day starts with a few demonstrations of how to create a hand tie. I show 2 different techniques and talk about how to create texture and keep the bouquet looking soft and natural. After that, each person is offered their own bucket of garden flowers to create a hand tie bouquet to go home with.


After a coffee break and a slice of Rachel's home baked cake, I talk through different containers. I explain what makes the perfect jug and give a few 'cheats' on how to make the 'not so perfect' jug work. I give a couple of demonstrations of larger arrangements, before arranging flowers into a tea cup. Everybody gets their second bucket of flowers and a tea cup to work with.

IMG_0966    IMG_0717

By this time we're all ready for our hard earned (ha ha!) lunch, usually prepared by both Rachel and Ash with garden ingredients and served from our flower studio. So far, the weather has been kind enough to allow to lunch outside, which has been lovely. Rachel is usually around to give everyone a garden tour and a few planting tips. Our final creation in the floristry workshop is a ribbon wrapped corsage, which really does show off everybody's individual style. Mine usually ends up a bit on the large side, when working to my own brief, I can't seem to hold back. When it's time to end, it's quite a sight to see all the ladies proudly wearing their corsages, carrying off armfuls of flowers. I do hope they wear their corsage all the way home, even if they stop for petrol and coffee!
 Jo Wise




A Happy Hen

Finally, after months of winter waiting, I managed to get my hands on some flowers and do some arranging. The season has kicked off for me with a Hen party workshop in a Tudor Manor house near Peppard in South Oxfordshire. The bride, Anna Baldwin has ordered buckets of flowers to arrange herself for her wedding in April, so her chief bridesmaid invited me along to host a morning floristry workshop. As we began Anna announced she'd be keeping her eye out for those who would make the floristry dream team on The Big Day….no Pressure then Ladies!! Joking aside, it was really relaxed and everyone enjoyed themselves. There was some pretty hot arranging going on too.

  Hen1   Hen zero 

During the workshop we created a spring posy, flowers in a tea cup and a corsage. I took along some anemones, tulips, muscari and scented narcissi. As for foliage, we had Viburnum tinus and variegated Pittosporum. I would say the anemones were the main attraction. It's been a hard winter and there have been a few losses in the garden, so the rows of anemones that have popped up in the polytunnel bring extra cheer with them.

 It was a great way to start the season, so thank you ladies, especially Flo who supplied me with coffee and cake.

Jo Wise


  Hen2   Hen 3 an a half