South African Sunshine

Just got back from a flora and fauna filled trip to South Africa. My sister lives there so it was a good excuse for some much needed rest and rays of sunshine. It was wonderful to see some of our favourite cut flowers growing in their natural habitat. Great drifts of Agapanthus and Cosmos along the roadside. Our host at the guest house in the Drakensburg mountains told us Cosmos is not a native as it was accidentally brought in with some animal feed from Argentina. It obviously liked it's new home as it grows like a weed! We also saw some Eucomis or pineapple lily, and Leonotis in the Drakensburg.


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On the Elephant Coast we walked through Raffia Palm forests, the source of the raffia we use to tie the bouquets. The local people use it to thatch their houses and to build rafts for fishing in the lakes.


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Rachel Siegfried




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