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  Finally we are ready to launch the mail order service. Our 'Pick of the Garden' bouquets will be available via courier nationwide starting this Friday 20th May. We have decided to time it with the peonies blooming, which are flowering for the first time after two years of waiting, time to celebrate and spread their sumptuous beauty. They will be accompanied by lots of scent: sweet peas, sweet williams, sweet rocket, stocks, mint and alchemilla. Our delivery day is Friday so you can make the most of your gorgeous, seasonal flowers over the weekend. They will arrive in one of our specially designed transit boxes which holds the bouquet all snug and secure in its aquapac (cellophane water bubble) keeping it as fresh and pristine as possible. I have tried to make the packaging as environmentally friendly as possible with recycled cardboard for the boxes and biodegradable cellophane to wrap the bouquets in. If you look on the order page there is a little border to bouquet photo story. It shows the flowers being picked in the morning, arranged in the flower studio and packed into the boxes ready for collection by the courier in the afternoon. We have tried to make the payment process as straight forward as possible by using paypal. If you would like to place an order I will need to know by 9am on the Thursday so that all the flowers are picked early to condition which means they are able to relax and drink lots of water before being put together in a bouquet.

Peony bouquet 003 small 


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