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Green is Gorgeous

I thought now is an appropriate time to celebrate the many shades of green. All of this rain has been rather challenging but looking on the bright side it certainly has turned up the green dial.




I might not have many other colours in the cutting garden right now with the cold putting everything on pause, buds are waiting to burst and me too with desperate anticipation, but at least my favourite colour is at it's spring best.





Fresh and full of promise I have been cutting plenty of Euphorbia robbiae, Sorbus whitebeam, beech, Solomon's seal, Viburnum opulus, apple mint, sweet cicely and Arum italicum to use in bouquets. 


IMG_5163    IMG_5172

The polytunnel has a good row of Nicotiana 'Lime Green', Bupleurum and florists dill for the next wave of fresh, acid greens. 

Rachel Siegfried