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Fat bottom and a thin neck


As I gave all of my vintage china and glass a spring clean, I thought about what makes the perfect jug. I decided mostly it’s a fat
bottom and a narrow neck, just like this one.

GreenandgorgeousSG (35)


I have favourites  which don't fall into this category, some are striking, some challenging, elegant or
simply….how can I say ?….amiable. But the good all rounders pretty much are of the 'fat bottom narrow neck' type.  Some vases in my collection hardly get used at all, but I'd never part with them. In fact, I don’t
think these swans have ever left the studio.




I am very attached to my vintage china and glass and I can
honestly say I don’t think I’ll ever have enough! My favourite shape to arrange
into of all time is definitely a fan vase. You can create something with drama
and texture very quickly.  



Here are my top ten tips on choosing a good all-rounder jug.

About 8” tall (for under
eye level table centres)

Fat bottom

Narrow neck

4.     Is beautiful in it's own right

A subtle colour. I love
working with soft aqua colours best, although I have a lot of turquoise in            my
collection too

If decorated, not too

A good strong handle

Watertight (sounds
obvious but you’d be surprised how many aren’t)

Can withstand the
dishwasher (very handy)

10.  Hasn’t cost the earth, so you’re not too frightened to
use it


Jo Wise