Seed Saving Workshop


These days our flower farm is not only bountiful in cut flowers but also in seeds. We have been growing crops specifically for seed production since 2020 when the pandemic led to many flowers destined for weddings not being cut and running to seed. This gave us an opportunity to realise an ambition to sell fresh seeds specifically for cut flowers.

Join us for a hands-on learning experience where we will cover some of the following topics that will affect your saved seed:
stage of harvest, self pollination vs. cross pollination, how to develop colour preference and maintain quality by roguing, processing seed for storage and best species using fresh seed.

This half day workshop begins with a tour of our fields and tunnels where Rachel will show you which plants are ready to harvest seed from and talk about how she goes about growing flower crops for seed. You will then be let loose to gather the seedheads from your favourite flowers.

After home made cake and refreshments, Ashley will demonstrate what happens after harvest from drying, to winnowing and cleaning.

Saving your own seed not only saves money but you will also be blessed with much improved germination rates and large quantities of seed for easy direct sowing.

You will go home with 15 packets of your own gathered seeds.

Dates: Tuesday 3rd September 10-1pm or Sunday 8th September 2-5pm

Price: £60

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Course date

Tuesday September 3rd AM, Sunday September 8th PM