We like to think of our flowers as free-range: nurtured from seed to bouquet with care and respect for the environment and wildlife. Unconstrained by cellophane or refrigerated lorries, they are healthy, vibrant and full of scent.

Individuality and uniqueness are celebrated in our flowers, and the clever quirks and twists that nature provides merely add to their wild beauty.

Our fields of flowers awaken in March, when flowering bulbs burst into life with the jewel colours of Anemones, flamboyant Tulips and tissue-petalled Ranunculus in every shade. There is blush pink blossom in the orchard and the fresh new greens of perennials emerging.

Move into summer, and there’s a different mood in the garden. Romantic roses, nostalgic sweet peas and stocks that fill the air with their heady scent. Delphiniums and Campanula provide true blues and smoky lilacs. Meadow flowers carpet our field as cornflowers, poppies, scabious and daisies begin to bloom.

Summer gives way to autumn, and with it yet another change of pace. The russet hues of dahlias stand out against silver eucalyptus. Fruits and berries bring extra colour, while long feathery grasses add layers of texture.

The seasons roll on, but every year nature sends something new to surprise us.