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The Bees Knees

We have been lucky enough to have had hives in our garden for two seasons, and now can sell honey from own site.  Courtesy of Robert Nickless, this year they arrived in time for the rape flowers and the bulk of the season's flow, but now they are busy on much more attractive blooms. They will also be able to carry on much longer into the summer and build up some stocks… or make more for us!

IMG_2204  IMG_2203  IMG_2221   IMG_2266    IMG_2187




Spanish Tunnel

.IMG_1978Finally we got a team together and have skinned our open Spanish Tunnel, many thanks to Jon, Dad, Petr and Helen. It nearly took off at one point, but we now have a roped-up flappy tent to protect roses primarily. The structure has been up since the winter, but we have been putting off the challenge, until the last moment and the roses were actually flowering underneath.


All GB soft fruit is grown under these kind of tunnels now and they have allowed Britsh growers to compete sucessfully with foreign imports and extend the season.