Our growing courses offer an invaluable resource to help you grow cut flowers, either for your garden or on a larger scale. By seeing our cutting gardens for yourself, coupled with Rachel’s expertise you can plant your own plot for a continual supply of home-grown arrangements. For a cutting patch in your back garden, see Grow Your Own Cut Flowers.

If you dream of making a living from what you love, then the Flower Farming for Beginners course will give you the start you need to make your dream a reality. It covers everything from how and what to grow to where to find a market for your produce. Rachel and Ashley will teach you how to create a thriving business from growing flowers.

Or, take your growing skills to a professional level with one of the half-day masterclass courses. Whether growing for show, for sale, or for your own garden, these more focused sessions give you practical information that you can’t find in books. You’ll get a bunch of flowers to take home as well as the opportunity to select individual varieties that you’d like to try.


QuoteI highly recommend taking Rachel’s courses. She is so knowledgeable and has such a wonderful teaching style.




Course Calendar 2018

Wednesday 14th March- Flower Farming for Beginners

Sunday 18th March – Flower Farming for Beginners

Sunday 8th April – Grow Your Own Cut Flowers