Wild Flower Garden


Professional gardener Rachel Siegfried’s idea for a flower farm and floral design studio was germinating long before the start of her thriving business nine years ago. Working in a walled garden growing organic vegetables and cut flowers, Rachel was aware that the abundance of beauty and scent that surrounded her was missing from the commercially grown flowers available on the high street.

With her core beliefs about sustainability to the fore, Rachel determined to recreate the beauty of the English country garden she had experienced. In 2008, in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, her flower farm, Green & Gorgeous was born.

Today, Rachel’s business is flourishing. With her partner Ashley Pearson they grow a stunning range of flowers for weddings which Rachel arranges in a wildly wonderful garden and hedgerow style, these naturally grown blooms do not need extravagant floristry – their beauty speaks for itself.

In addition to a Saturday morning shop, Rachel runs successful courses where she shares her many years of experience with both the home grower and professional. She is always happy to create naturalistic and relaxed arrangements of sympathy flowers for funerals and this can be a positive experience for families whose loved ones also valued their gardens and nature.

With its understanding of the rhythms of the seasons, Green & Gorgeous gives its customers the chance to experience the genuine beauty of an English country garden.



We are indebted to our many volunteers and staff who come and help us keep the show on the road.

Many thanks also to the photographers whose work features largely on this website, most notably Clare West who has taken so many incredible images over the years:

Clare West

Suzie Gibbons

Shannon Robinson

Craig and Kate

Mark Lord