Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ – Honesty


Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ – Honesty

A striking honesty with chocolate-green leaves are topped with loose clusters of lilac flowers which turn to deep chocolate coloured seedheads. The first biennial to flower in April, perfectly timed for the tulips. The seedheads make wonderful dried flowers too.

Plant type: biennial

Site: partial shade, moist but well drained soil

Height: 80cm

Plant spacing: 25cm

Sown to grown: 9 months

Min. seeds per packet: 25 seeds

Growing tips: I find the seeds germinate more readily in a nursery bed, sown in June and transplanted to their final planting position in September.

Harvesting/Arranging tip: can be cut at three stages, one for the flowers in April, two for the fresh seedheads to use as a filler in June or three in August to dry the seedheads for winter decoration.

Vase life: 7 days for the flowers

Cost: £2.50

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