A very profitable Spring bulb crop, they can produce 10-20 stems over approximately six weeks and can command a good price. These claws or corms are sourced from France and we have been growing them for over ten years.

We plant the ‘claws’ in October after soaking for 24 hours which plumps them up to double their size and they go in at 20-25cm apart in polytunnel beds. In sheltered locations they can be grown outdoors in cloches or caterpillar tunnels. They can also be started in the Spring but will flower for a shorter period as the season warms up. Planted at the same time outside, but flowering a good month later really stretches their season and fills the focal flower gap of mid to late May. Keep well irrigated and they can be fed after flower onset to keep them going.

Sold in packs of 20.

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