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A Year in Pictures


Cutting back perennials and making pots (by Harriet Coleridge).



Hellebore appreciation and plant dyeing silk to make into ribbon.




Seed sowing, picking the first Anemones and the first wedding of the year.



Ranunculus time and a collaboration with Jo Flowers for a Spring Florals workshop.



May in a bouquet and the latest addition, Jesse the Whippet.



Our second Wedding Flowers Intensive workshop with The Garden Gate Flower Company and the Roses are abundant.



Sweet Peas picked on the vine now, Snapdragons start to flower in the tunnels and Ammi begins to set seed.



Zinnias and Dahlia ‘Cafe au lait’,  enjoy the heat and the berries begin!




Dahlia time and so much to go with them.



Chrysanthemums for the first time and I am converted.



The first frosts and it is time to lift the dahlias.



Keeping warm saving and storing seeds for 2017.


With thanks to photographic contributors Eva Nemeth, Clare West and Imogen Xiana.

Love Rachel and Ashley – Wishing you all the best for a happy and peaceful New Year. 






Artweek – the oxfordshire artists’ festival

 My flowers are enjoying a bit of art this week at Ewelme Pottery in South Oxfordshire. They have been arranged into the expertly thrown and glazed vases by Harriet Colderidge. I have my eye on this one and am hoping to strike a deal with some chrysanthemum plants.


Her beautiful workshop and studio are located in the picturesque village of Ewelme opposite the church. If you are in the area the artweek exhibit runs till the 15th May from 12 to 6pm daily (till 8pm on Thursday). There are also three others artists' work to enjoy;  Jane Peart's etchings, Mary Lowry's handwoven scarves and John Parrey's sculpted wooden fish.

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