Thlaspi arvense – Pennycress


Thalpsi arvense – ‘Pennycress’

This beautiful cress has branching textural seedpods in a fresh apple green, they are the perfect foil for light, meadow style arrangements in the summer months when shrubby foliage can look a little heavy handed. If left to mature it turns a striking golden hue and also dries well.

Plant type: hardy annual

Site: full sun

Height: 90cm

Sown to grown: 8 weeks

Min. seeds per packet: 100 seeds

Growing tips: For good succession sow little and often, ideally every two weeks.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Harvest when all the flowers have turned to seed pods up to the tip of the stem. Airy, textural filler for meadow-style arrangements with other hardy annuals. Also provides a light green foil for garden roses and clematis.

Vase life: 10 days




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