Nigella damascena ‘Miss Jekyll White’


Nigella damascena ‘Miss Jekyll White’

Large white semi double flowers fringed with a feathery green ruff. My favourite Love in the Mist making a classy early Summer filler for bouquets. The pods are equally beautifully and extend it’s relatively short flowering season.

Plant type: hardy annual

Site: full sun

Height: 45cm

Spacing: 25cm

Sown to Grown:

Min. seeds per packet: 300 seeds

Growing tips: Plants dislike root disturbance so direct sow in late August/September and for succession again in early Spring. For the flowers little and often works best as their flowering time is short.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Pick when the flowers are half open or still have a creamy greeney tint to their petals.

Vase life: 7 days

Cost: £2.50

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