Nicotiana ‘G&G Mix’


Nicotiana ‘G&G mix’

This is an open pollinated mix of three of our ‘go to’ Nicotiana varieties for cutting. There may well be some variation in colour and form due to cross pollination which in my experience creates some beautiful surprises. ‘Tinkerbell’ (Nicotiana alata) has slender green bells with a muddy rose coloured centre. It is a tall variety and a good neutral to dance above other flowers. ‘Starlight Dancer’ is a fairly new variation of the langsdorfii-type and already a firm favourite. It’s slender green bells have small glowing white star-shaped faces. ‘Grandiflora’ (Nicotiana alata) has a heady jasmine-like scent and larger soft white flowers on tall stems, robust and abundant in flower. Loved by pollinators particularly moths.

Plant type: half hardy annual

Site: full sun/part shade

Height: 1m

Plant spacing: 30cm

Sown to grown: 12 weeks

Min. seeds per packet: 300 seeds

Growing tips: sow indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date, the seed is very fine and does not need to be covered, water from below. After the first flush of flowers cut plants back by about half to encourage more flowers.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Pick when a third of the flowers are open on the stem, pick when cool and give them a long drink before arranging. The stems will feel sticky to the touch.

Vase life: 7-10 days

Cost: £2.50

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