Nicotiana langsdorffii ‘Bronze Queen’


Nicotiana langsdorffii – ‘Bronze Queen’
Tobacco Plant

A new Nicotiana with the height and elegance of the normal type but with flowers that open with a bronze colour that deepen to chocolate with purple tints. A great neutral supporting flower.

Plant type: half-hardy annual

Height: 1m

Spacing: 30cm

Sown to grown: 12 weeks

Vase life: 10-14 days

Site: sun/part shade

Min. seeds per packet: 100 seeds

Growing tips: seeds need light to germinate so just give them the lightest sprinkling of vermiculite.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Pick when a third of the flowers are open on the stem, pick when cool and give them a long drink before arranging. The stems will feel sticky to the touch.

Cost: £2.50


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