Linaria maroccana ‘Licilia Peach’


Liniaria maroccana – Licilia Peach’


It doesn’t sound good on paper, but believe me this yellow and brick-red combination is addictive. The colours come together and result in something like peach or perhaps bronze? Anyway,  difficult to describe, but it is a big seller in our shop and looks fabulous with a surprising range of other colours. The flowers are like dainty snapdragons, these delicate spire-shapes are a valuable addition to spring arrangements helping to lighten and loosen the heavier shapes of tulips and Ranunculus. It is a fast growing hardy annual with a good two month flowering period and a long vase life.

Height: 50cm

Spacing: 25cm

Sown to grown: six weeks from a spring sowing.

Vase life: up to 14 days

Min. seeds per packet: 1000 seeds

Growing tips: sow in September for early flowers the following year to coincide with spring bulbs.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Pick when 2-3 flowers are open.

Cost: £3.00


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