Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Pea ‘Erewhon’


Lathyrus odoratus – Sweet Pea ‘Erewhon’

Modern grandiflora type. A striking reverse bicolour with a light pink standard and rich blue wings. Another variety bred by Dr Keith Hammett and one I always grow, it is often the last one to still be in flower. Good fragrance.

Height: 1.8m to 2.5m

Spacing: 20cm

Sown to Grown: 20 weeks

Approx seeds per packet: 20 seeds

Growing tips: can be sown in the autumn or late winter, I prefer the latter and sow at the end of January, approx 12 weeks before the last frosts. Pinch out the tips to 3-4 pairs of leaves to encourage bushy growth. Grow them on cool in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame. Plant out in April.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: for vase life pick when there are two unopened flowers at the tip. 

Vase life:4-5 days, flower food helps to extend it.

Cost: £3.00

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