Helichrysum bracteatum ‘G&G strawflower mix’


Helichrysum bracteatum – (syn. Bracteantha, Xerochrysum) ‘G&G strawflower mix’

Equally good as a fresh flower, these daisy-like papery blooms will last indefinitely once dried, retaining their colour and becoming a useful material in the less floriferous months of the year.

They are easy to grow and can be sown successionally for flowers from July to October. 

This mix contains Vintage white, Dragon red, Salmon and Silver pink varieties.

Plant type: half hardy annual

Site: full sun

Height: 90cm

Plant spacing: 30cm

Sown to grown: 16 weeks

Min. seeds per packet: 250 seeds

Growing tips: start seeds indoors in modular trays, do not cover as seeds need light to germinate. Time the sowing approx 6 weeks before last frost. Harden off and plant out after the risk of frost has passed.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: I like to use the flowers fresh when the centres have just opened but have not been pollinated.For drying harvest when the flowers are only partially open and not showing their centres, they will continue to open as they dry. Hang upside down in small bunches in a dark, well ventilated space.

Vase life: if using fresh 7 days

Cost: £2.50

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