Floral Favourites – The Rose

The Rose is surely the Queen of all flowers and at the top of our (long) favourites list. We use these ravishing beauties in almost every arrangement during the Summer months. The soft, relaxed character of garden varieties makes them incredibly versatile focal flowers and their scent with all of it’s nuances is irresistible. We now have a second rose tunnel so there are even more varieties to experience and add to your own wish lists.

There is very little information out there on growing garden roses for cutting, and so this day will be about sharing our ten years of growing experience with you. Find out more about sourcing the best stock and planting, our top 10 varieties for flowers from June through to October, pruning for stem length, feeding, dead-heading, picking and conditioning tips. Of course, every star needs a supporting cast and so we will also be selecting what else to grow to achieve a good balance of shapes, textures and colours in your Summer arrangements.

Rachel is a firm believer in the vase being equally as important as the florals and now with her own pottery studio on the farm she is working on a G&G collection of bud vases, bottles and bowls. After picking as much as you can fit in a bucket, Rachel will demonstrate how to work with these showstoppers to ensure they stay centre stage. Her demonstration will focus on foam-free techniques whilst creating a light, airy, naturally stylish design.

 Take home your arrangement in a handmade bowl designed to complement these seasonal beauties, with a bunch of your favourite roses.  A two course homemade lunch and refreshments made with fresh produce from the kitchen garden are included.

Date:  Wednesday 24th June

Cost: £180




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Wednesday 24th June