‘Dusk till Dawn’ Photography with Eva Nemeth


Come and be inspired by a flower farm in it’s magical moments of dusk and dawn…. Take your flower and garden photography to the next level by learning how to combine good composition with lighting and timing in the capable hands of Eva Nemeth, garden photographer.

Summertime in the UK can mean a very early start to the day for both flower growers and photographers, something that Eva and ourselves are very used to. Our efforts are often rewarded however with some of the best light and incredible vistas of the day. Dawn light in midsummer is definitely something we should all experience and utilise in our photography, at least every once and a while.

Of course the other wonderful time for catching the best light is the ‘golden hour’ as the sun sets. There is also the lesser know ‘blue hour’ when the sun has set, but there is still a bit of intriguing light and atmosphere left.

As well as experiencing the best light hours at the peak time in our flowering year we want to help you learn more about how to use your camera and edit your images using Lightroom. There will also be the opportunity to pick and create an arrangement to style and photograph inside to pick up styling and still life tips.

Must haves:

camera, lenses of your preference, tripod

Due to the light conditions, this course requires use of a tripod (5 available on site) and a remote release shutter or use of self timer/exposure delay function on your camera.

Sunday 28th June

 – arrival at 4.45pm &  welcome with refreshments. Introductory technical talk.

 – picking flowers for still life session and checking locations for shooting at dusk

 – dinner at 7-8pm, followed by flower arranging

 – dusk shoot (sunset at 21:21pm), finishing at 10.30pm

Monday 29th June

 – arrival at 4.30am (Sunrise 4:46am) and dawn shoot, followed by breakfast at 7am

 – post processing with Lightroom

 – photographing floral arrangements and finishing up at approx. 10.30am

Cost: £450


Eva Nemeth is a professional photographer with a passion for every little detail of gardens and the countryside. She has created many flat lays on our flower farm, which began with our collaboration on the Cut Flower series in House & Garden throughout 2017.  Her work has been published in many magazines and also with many companies and individuals who need imagery to showcase their products and to tell their stories.

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