Cynoglossum amabile ‘Blue Chinese Forget Me Not’


Cynoglossum amabile ‘Firmament’

The Chinese Forget-Me-Not possesses a unique shade of blue often described as indigo but I would describe it as sky blue. The abundant tall stems are sprinkled with a mass of delicate flowers which are also loved by bees. Watch out for the seeds, they are notoriously sticky!

Plant type: hardy annual

Site: full sun, partial shade

Height: 45cm

Spacing: 25cm

Sown to Grown: 3 months

Min. seeds per packet: 100

Growing tips: If sown early (January) under glass they will begin to flower in May. They can be successionally sown right through till May/June. They need to kept dark to germinate.

Harvesting/Arranging tips: Do not pick too early the stems must feel firm and ripe to hold in the vase. They need a good long drink before arranging with them. I often find blue a little tricky to work in with other colours but perhaps because the flowers are quite small it seems to go with literally everything, a wonderful uplifting accent flower.

Vase life: 7 days

Cost: £2.50

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