Cenolophium denudatum – Baltic parsley


Cenolophium denudatum – Baltic parsley

Perennial hardy umbellifer we trialled this year. Big, blowsy heads of creamy white flowers emerge above mounds of dark green fern-like, semi-evergreen foliage in mid summer. The flowers act as a beacon to beneficial insects and are great in cut or dried flower arrangements. This relatively new introduction to the UK is a useful alternative to Ammi as it doesn’t seem to be affected by the dreaded carrot fly.

Site: can take some shade, not fussy about soil type. Needs shelter from winds.

Height: 1m, spread 75cm

Sown to grown: Flowers from its 2nd year

Min. seeds per packet: 100 seeds

Growing tips: We have not grown this cultivar from seed yet and so out best advice is to sow half in a tray and overwinter in a greenhouse or cold frame. The other half you can put in the freezer and sow in the Spring.


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